Laboratory Members

Our lab currently consists of 8 graduate students enrolled in the Foreign Language Acquisition and Education Course of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Human and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Integrated Human Studies.

You can read a brief description of their research below:

  • PhD (3rd year) effects of multisensory media viewing on Eng. vocabulary acquisition
  • PhD (3rd year) the role of subtitle use in visual media-based vocabulary learning
  • PhD (2nd year) advancing learners’ understanding of noun phrases
  • PhD (2nd year) the effects of cooperative learning on foreign language study
  • PhD (1st year) developing tools for language learning in VR
  • PhD (1st year) examining the impact of graded narrative texts on second language academic vocabulary acquisition, retention, and learner motivation
  • MA (2nd year) the processing mechanism(s) of spoken vocabulary knowledge
  • MA (1st year) acquisition of counting words for learners of Japanese)
  • MA (1st year) development of deep-learning based language study support systems


If you are interested in pursuing research in the field of foreign language education, please consider joining our lab! We are a growing group of researchers investigating a wide-range of topics from both theoretical and practical perspectives. We look forward to hearing from you.